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Item Number: MM160
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Produced in conjunction with the touring Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors exhibition and the Royal Ontario Museum, this CD contains an entertaining and diverse collection of traditional Chinese music.  A variety of traditional Chinese instruments are featured, including the erhu, pipa, quanzi, zhongruan, and qin. The CD also includes performances by erhu master, George Gau, of contemporary world music compositions based upon traditional Chinese themes.  Informative liner notes are included in the CD booklet. Running Time: 70:49

1.    The Moon  (4:38)

2.    The Beautiful Lady Hanfei  (4:10)

3.    Ashtree Path (featuring George Yao) (2:49)

4.    Farewell at the Yangguan Pass  (7:12)

5.    Street Ensemble  (5:58)

6.    Sound of the Oars  (5:31)

7.    Plum Blossom Melody  (4:40)

8.    Meng-Cheng Valley (featuring George Yao) (3:34)
9.    Flowery Painting  (5:08)

10.   Pu Monastery Chant  (4:36)

11.   Horse-Racing  (3:13)

12.   Changmen Sorrow  (6:40)

13.   Song of the New Moon  (3:59)

14.   Lotus Perfume  (3:16)

15.   The Dragon Emperor's Lament  (2:56)

16.   Terra Cotta Warriors  (2:19) 
Images of terra cotta soldiers [CD Cover and Back Cover]