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Price: $14.95
Item Number: GWGR0001
Music Genre: Children's Music
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Kids love animals. They love guessing games. It's all here in THE GUESS WHO ZOO. In this whimsical surprise-filled CD, the child’s four-legged, flippered and winged friends play leading roles. The animals sing about themselves. The child, playing detective as clues mount line by line, proudly fills in the blank (Bear, Giraffe, etc.) – the last word in the last line of the last verse – and becomes a self-esteem-lifted participating poet. Declares distinguished educator Allan Shedlin, Jr., Founding Executive-Director of the National Elementary School, "The Guess Who Zoo is like a happy combination of Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and Ogden Nash put to music." Running Time: 24:02

1.    "Guess Who Zoo" Opening  (1:32)

2.    My Face Is So Adorable  (2:02)

3.    When I'm Not Dozing in the Ooze  (2:05)

4.    I Look Like a Rabbit  (1:36)

5.    My Coat is Bright and Speckled  (1:35)

6.    From Early Spring to Autumn  (1:59)

7.    Bananas Are My Favorite Lunch  (1:13)

8.    Thirst Is Never a Problem  (2:10)

9.    I Sun Myself Upon the Rocks  (1:41)

10.   My Sense of Humor  (1:04)

11.   I'm a Bird Who Cannot Fly  (1:40)

12.   My Home Is In Australia  (1:41)

13.   The King  (1:07)

14.   No Animal Is Strong As I  (1:37)

15.   "Guess Who Zoo" Closing  (0:51)
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