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Price: $15.98
Item Number: MM158
Music Genre: Classical
Untitled Document
This beautiful CD, produced for the Museum of Modern Art, is the musical counterpart to Claude Monet’s renowned water lilies series of paintings.  Each piece of music explores, contemplates and recalls the same imagery and themes as Monet’s paintings: gardens, flowers, water, reflections, springtime and pastoral beauty.  These exquisite and evocative works are composed by the leading French impressionist composers, including Debussy, Ravel, Faure and Ibert, all of whom were contemporaries of Monet.  Destined to be a collectible.  Running Time: 74:54

1.    Claude Debussy
Reflets dans l'eau   (5:20)

2.    Maurice Ravel
Le jardin feerique   (3:59)

3.    Gabriel Fauré
Le jardin de Dolly   (2:51)

4.    Lilli Boulanger
D'un jardin clair   (2:20)

5.    Philippe Gaubert
Sur l’eau   (3:28)

6.    Maurice Ravel
Jeux d'eau    (5:03)

7.    Claude Debussy
Jardins sous la pluie   (3:52)

8.    Claude Debussy
Rondes de printemps   (8:09)
9.    Déodat De Séverac
Sur l'teng, le soir    (7:39)

10.   Paul Taffanel
Andante pastoral  (5:53)

11.   Gabriel Fauré
Masques et bergamasques—pastorale   (3:50)

12.   Lilli Boulanger
D'un matin de printemps   (4:56)

13.   Jacques Ibert
La marchande d'eau fraiche   (2:10)

14.   Albert Roussel
Pour une fete de printemps   (11:41)

15.   Claude Debussy
Cloches a travers les feuillies   (4:43) 
Claude Monet
Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond, C. 1920  [CD Cover]

Claude Monet
Agapanthus, 1918-26

Claude Monet
Water Lilies, c. 1920

Claude Monet
The Japanese Footbridge, c. 1920-22  [CD Back Cover]