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Price: $14.98
Item Number: MM104
Music Genre: Classical, Ragtime
Untitled Document
Rich orchestral and ragtime melodies are featured in this popular CD created for the Museum of Modern Art’s first installment of MoMA 2000.  Experience the buoyant spirit and harmonic beauty captured in the music of the Impressionist era.  Featuring works by Claude Debussy, Scott Joplin, Maurice Ravel, George Gershwin, Igor Stravinsky and others.  Included are memorable images by Picasso, van Gogh, Kandinsky and Matisse. Running Time: 55:25

1.    Claude Debussy
“Cortege” from The Petite Suite  (3:48)

2.    George Gershwin
Novelette in Fourths  (2:02)

3.    Scott Joplin
Maple Leaf Rag  (2:52)

4.    Igor Stravinsky
Ragtime for 11 Instruments  (4:41)

5.    Maurice Ravel
Piano Trio in A Minor – Pantoum (Assez vif) second movement  (4:26)

6.    Claude Debussy
La Romance d’Ariel  (4:25)

7.    Igor Stravinsky
“Infernal Dance of Kashei’s Subjects” from The Firebird Suite  (4:09)

8.    Maurice Ravel
Pavane pour une enfante défunte  (5:29)

9.    Claude Debussy
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair  (2:48)

10.   Erik Satie
Gnossienne No. 1  (3:48)

11.   Aimé Doniat
Si tu le veux  (1:24)

12.   Maurice Ravel
“Le Jardin Féerique” from Ma Mère l’Oye  (2:46)

13.   Igor Stravinsky
“The Royal March” from Histoire du soldat  (2:40)

14.   Claude Debussy
Prelude to “The Afternoon of a Faun”  (9:44)
Lucian Bernhard
Bosch  [CD Cover]

H. Blancard
Untitled-Photograph (construction of the Eiffel Tower)
Vassily Kandinsky
Panel for Edwin R. Campbell No. 1

Jacques-Henri  Lartigue
Paris, avenue de Acacias (Photograph)
Pablo Picasso

Vincent Van Gogh
Starry Night 

Sven Wingquist
Self-Aligning Ball Bearing 

Henri Matisse
Piano Lesson [CD Back Cover]

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