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Item Number: MM134
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Commissioned by The New-York Historical Society in celebration of its monumental Alexander Hamilton exhibition, this appealing CD contains a broad mix of truly exceptional early American music. From fife and drum marches to country dances, from patriotic songs to sacred hymns, from pub sing alongs to African drumming, this CD will transport you back in time to the birth of our Nation. American history never sounded so good. Running Time:  57:24

1.    Smile America (0:46)

2.    March of the 35th Regiment (1:52)

3.    Over the Hills and Far Away, from “The Beggar's Opera” (2:05)

4.    Quintetto, Movement I (3:04)

5.    How Beautiful Upon the Mountains (4:27)

6.    Boston Assembly/Boston March/Baron Steuben's Favorite (5:50)

7.    Yankee Doodle (2:15)

8.    How Stand the Glass Around (1:56)

9.    Kugadza Umambo (2:34)

10.   Rondo - My Gen'rous Heart Disdains (4:24)

11.   Finale, from “the Poor Soldier” (1:56)

12.   The Rich Lady Over the Sea (2:53)

13.   Sonata for Piano Forte With an Accompaniment for a Violin, Movement I (3:56)

14.   Cobham (1:38)

15.   The Drum (2:04)

16.   Congress Minuet/Sir Charles Sedley's (3:44)

17.   Handsome Cabin Boy (3:18)

18.   Yankee Doodle Arranged as Rondo (2:16)

19.   For A' That (2:43)

20.   Knee Bone In Field (1:56)

21.   Drowsy Maggie (0:51)
Francis Guy
Tontine Coffee House  [CD Cover]

Martha Lamb
Federal Ship Hamilton, CA 1875 

John Trumbull
Alexander Hamilton (1756-1843) 

John Vanderlyn
Aaron Burr 

United States Flag, 1781 

Robert Wogdon (Gunsmiths)
Hamilton-Burr Dueling Pistols, 1797 [CD Back Cover]