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Item Number: MM138
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Enjoy passionate and provocative Hungarian melodies in this musical tribute to one of Hungary's most accomplished photographers. André Kertész had a strong affinity for music as reflected in his many photographs of musicians. This CD captures the wonderful musical environment that so profoundly influenced Kertész. Featuring exceptional works by Liszt, Bartók, Dohnányi, Kodály and other Hungarian composers. Running Time: 66:20

1.    Béla Bartók
Pillow Dance, for Piano (for Children, Vol. 1/4) (0:54)

2.    Ernö Dohnányi
Piano Quintet in C minor Op. 1, III. Adagio, Quasi Andante (7:58)

3.    Béla Bartók
Suite No. 2 for small Orchestra (7:43)

4.    Ferenc Liszt
Consolations, 3 Lento Placido (3:50)

5.    Zoltán Kodály
Serenade for Two Violins and Viola (4:20)

6.    Leó Weiner
Concerto No. 2 for Violin and Orchestra in F sharp minor (5:24)

7.    Béla Bartók
Violin Concerto No. 1 (8:10)

8.    Béla Bartók
Two Pictures (6:48)

9.    Károly Goldmark
String Quartet in B flat major (8:53)

10.   Béla Bartók
Allegro Barbaro (2:31)

11.   Zoltán Kodály
Sonata for Solo Cello (8:13)

12.   Béla Bartók
Winter Solstice, for Piano (1:12) 
André Kertész
Quartet, Paris 1926  (photograph)  [CD Cover]

André Kertész
Sziget Becse, May 1914  (photograph)

André Kertész
Accordionist, Esztergrom, Oct. 21, 1916  (photograph)

André Kertész
Blind Musician, Albany, 1921 (photograph)

André Kertész
Trio, Raczkeve, May 6, 1923 (photograph)

André Kertész
Ballet, New York City, 1938 (photograph)

André Kertész
Untitled Self Portrait, 1920’s (photograph)

André Kertész
Soldier and Cello, Eztergrom, 1914  (photograph)  [CD Back Cover]