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Item Number: MM165
Untitled Document
Produced for the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC in connection with its presentation of the landmark Gauguin: Maker of Myth exhibition, this one-of-a-kind compilation features beautiful and rhythmic world music selections from the many places that Paul Gauguin visited and lived. Included are songs from France, Panama, Peru, Denmark, Martinique, and of course, Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands. You’ll gain a new perspective of the artist from this highly entertaining CD. Running Time: 57:39

1.    Enrique Ugarte
Bon Voyage  (France)  (3:26)
2.    Tahiti Here
Noha  (Tahiti)   (3:08)
3.    Wayna Picchu
Todo este Tiempo  (Peru)   (3:19)
4.    Ballet Exotic du Robert
Boucherie Moderne  (Martinique)  (5:06)
5.    Los de Azuero
Untitled  (Panama)   (2:55)

6.    Enrique Ugarte
Valse Yvonne  (France)  (3:25)

7.    Takaynamo
Popurri de Huaynos  (Peru)  (3:21)

8.    Ensemble Polaris
Roselil' og Hendes Moder  (Denmark)   (2:36)

9.    Mione
Haka Tapatapa  (Marquesas Islands)   (0:47)

10.   Wayna Picchu
Inti Raymi  (Peru)  (4:48)

11.   Bernard Benoit
Tour an Arvor  (France/Brittany)  (3:02)

12.   Ballet Exotic du Robert
Hermentia  (Martinique)  (3:52)

13.   Los de Azuero
La Denesa  (Traditional—Panama)  (2:43)

14.   Tahiti Here
Takirikiri o te Manu   (Tahiti)  (1:36)

15.   Bo Holten
Nattergalen  (Denmark)  (2:37)

16.   Field Musicians at the Tiurai
Otea Tamarii Fautaua   (Tahiti)  (1:14)

17.   Sandra Reid
Vive l'Amour  (France)  (4:17)

18.   Toa Reva
Te Marei a Maramarama  (Tahiti)  (5:17) 
Paul Gauguin
Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven, 1888

Paul Gauguin
Fatata te Miti (By the Sea), 1892

Paul Gauguin
Haystacks in Brittany, 1890

Paul Gauguin
Self-Portrait, 1889

Paul Gauguin
Parau na te Varua ino (Words of the Devil), 1892