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Custom CDs

Al Roker in the recording studio during the production of DINOSAUR HOLIDAY, created as a custom CD for the American Museum of Natural History.
Maureen McGovern during a break from recording a track for DINOSAUR HOLIDAY.

Let MUSEUM MUSIC create your next Music Masterpiece!

MUSEUM MUSIC specializes in producing custom, state-of-the-art music CDs for museums, libraries, zoos, and aquariums that complement and enhance featured exhibitions or celebrate permanent collections. You can rest assured that we will handle every aspect of CD creation and production, according to your requirements, and will deliver to you a finished product that is attractive, enjoyable and emblematic of your organization.

We understand the special needs of museums. Whether it's following curatorial specifications, meeting exhibition opening deadlines, adhering to printing and artwork requirements, or accommodating sponsors, MUSEUM MUSIC has the experience and know-how to create your custom CD.

We have created custom CDs for more than 35 different organizations—from large, world renowned museums, to smaller intimate galleries, libraries, and historical houses.  We have produced single CDs, double CDs, multi-CD sets, and even CDs packaged with exhibition catalogs and books. 

MUSEUM MUSIC CDs are highly saleable and offer your organization an innovative and effective method for raising revenue with integrity. We even provide marketing support after the CD is created, to ensure a successful product. To find out more, check out our Client List, read our Client Testimonials, and take a look at our Press Coverage!

We produce and manufacture our custom CDs in the USA.

Please feel free to Contact Us to learn more about how MUSEUM MUSIC can create a custom music CD for your organization.

For non-museum clients, the DISCBIZ division of MUSEUM MUSIC creates custom music CDs for corporations, business associations and other special interest groups. Please visit the DISCBIZ website for more details.