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Client Testimonials

"Working with Museum Music on our custom CD projects has been a pleasure and a great success.
Their experienced, professional staff understands the museum market,
allowing them to interpret our needs to create an entertaining and profitable product."

Leanne Graeff
Product Development Manager
The Museum of Modern Art
New York

"There are several reasons why working with Museum Music was so satisfying. They know what they are doing. Production, rights clearances, design and marketing are all handled with skill. But what really impressed me is that they worked hard with us until we had the kind of CD we wanted."

Peter Littlefield
Coordinator of Special Projects
Museum of Fine Arts

"Our business relationship with Museum Music has been a healthy one. Their organization has been accommodating and flexible to ensure the product was the best it could be."

Cim Castellon
Assistant Vice President of Merchandising
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

"Museum Music is a true pleasure to work with. They provided timely and professional services to everyone's satisfaction. Communication was easy and Museum Music accommodated all our requests, even at the last moment."

Jutta Pakenis
Abbeville Press
New York